Spirit of Owl

The keen eyes of the Owl pierce through the night sky, allowing her to fly effortlessly and catch the smallest of prey with remarkable speed and agility. To those who feel blind and helpless in the darkness she is seen as powerful and mysterious; When the Spirit of Owl comes calling, take comfort in knowing Read more about Spirit of Owl[…]

Pelican Spirit

Pelican Spirit and Symbolism

Pelicans are large birds that give the impression of looking a bit ungraceful when walking on land, however we watch in awe as they fly in unison, effortlessly skim the surface of the ocean with ease. Pelicans have the ability to hold 3 gallons of water in their beaks while collecting fish; before taking off Read more about Pelican Spirit and Symbolism[…]

Goat Spirit

Original¬†now sold. ¬†Select prints available here. Goats are very dextrous and have incredible climbing abilities, needing only a few inches of footing to climb steep and rugged mountainsides. Their steps are deliberate and purposeful. They walk with assuredness. Goats have very unique eyes. The pupils are not round, but rather rectangular ‘slits’ which allows them Read more about Goat Spirit[…]