Spirit of Crow

Crows have coexisted with humans for centuries, playing a mystical role in legends and folklore. As a result, they are often misunderstood. Crows are highly intelligent birds with the ability to communicate by translating thoughts through the use of beak and wing gestures. They also mimic other animals and even humans.  Through their gift of Read more about Spirit of Crow[…]

Lion Spirit Animal

      Original has sold.  Select prints can be purchased here. Lion has earned the noble and respected title of ‘King of the Jungle.’ He is content much of the time, found relaxing and watching over his pride. When he wants to make his presence known, he sounds out a roar that can be Read more about Lion Spirit Animal[…]

Spirit of Hippo

  Original has sold.  Select prints can be purchased here.  Hippos are very connected to lakes and rivers. They spend hours upon hours submerged in water which keeps their skin cool and protected from the African sun. With their eyes and nostrils located high atop their head, they are able to see and hear everything Read more about Spirit of Hippo[…]

Frog Spirit

~~Frog moves gracefully between two worlds. She’s hopping on land one moment and leaping into water the next. One splash and she is purified, restored. Frog symbolizes transformation. Major changes take place as she makes her way from tadpole to adulthood – living two entirely different lives in one lifetime. We too, have the gift Read more about Frog Spirit[…]