Wolf Spirit Animal fine art print

Wolves are loyalists. They mate for life, have been known to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of the pack, and are fierce in unwavering devotion. ¬†They live by a strong set of rules and understand their place within the hierarchy of the pack; even so, wolves are protective of their sense of individuality. Read more about Wolf Spirit Animal fine art print[…]

Elephant Spirit Animal

Elephants have many qualities that resemble our own; to those who listen they have much to teach about developing a sense of well-being and belonging. Elephants are highly aware and convey emotions such as sadness, joy, and anger. They cherish the relationships they have and use their trunks to console, caress, and soothe one another. Read more about Elephant Spirit Animal[…]

Spirit of Owl

The keen eyes of the Owl pierce through the night sky, allowing her to fly effortlessly and catch the smallest of prey with remarkable speed and agility. To those who feel blind and helpless in the darkness she is seen as powerful and mysterious; When the Spirit of Owl comes calling, take comfort in knowing Read more about Spirit of Owl[…]

Deer Spirit Animal and Symbolism

  Deer can hear sounds from nearly a half mile away and they have extraordinary camouflage; one moment they are present, but in the blink of an eye they seemingly disappear into thin air. If Deer has come across your path recently, he or she likely wanted to be seen. Deer are among the most Read more about Deer Spirit Animal and Symbolism[…]