Pig Spirit Animal and Symbolism

Did you know that Pig is a highly intelligent creature, ranking as the 4th smartest animal? It is no secret that she is often misunderstood but Pig doesn’t feel the need to explain herself or apologize for who she is. Why? Because she’s too busy enjoying every moment in her life. Pig is happiest when Read more about Pig Spirit Animal and Symbolism[…]

Lion Spirit Animal

      Original has sold.  Select prints can be purchased here. Lion has earned the noble and respected title of ‘King of the Jungle.’ He is content much of the time, found relaxing and watching over his pride. When he wants to make his presence known, he sounds out a roar that can be Read more about Lion Spirit Animal[…]

Spirit of Hippo

  Original has sold.  Select prints can be purchased here.  Hippos are very connected to lakes and rivers. They spend hours upon hours submerged in water which keeps their skin cool and protected from the African sun. With their eyes and nostrils located high atop their head, they are able to see and hear everything Read more about Spirit of Hippo[…]

Deer Spirit Animal and Symbolism

  Deer can hear sounds from nearly a half mile away and they have extraordinary camouflage; one moment they are present, but in the blink of an eye they seemingly disappear into thin air. If Deer has come across your path recently, he or she likely wanted to be seen. Deer are among the most Read more about Deer Spirit Animal and Symbolism[…]

Pelican Spirit

Pelican Spirit and Symbolism

Pelicans are large birds that give the impression of looking a bit ungraceful when walking on land, however we watch in awe as they fly in unison, effortlessly skim the surface of the ocean with ease. Pelicans have the ability to hold 3 gallons of water in their beaks while collecting fish; before taking off Read more about Pelican Spirit and Symbolism[…]

Goat Spirit

Original now sold.  Select prints available here. Goats are very dextrous and have incredible climbing abilities, needing only a few inches of footing to climb steep and rugged mountainsides. Their steps are deliberate and purposeful. They walk with assuredness. Goats have very unique eyes. The pupils are not round, but rather rectangular ‘slits’ which allows them Read more about Goat Spirit[…]

Elephant Spirit

Elephants have many qualities that resemble our own; to those who listen they have much to teach about developing a sense of well-being and belonging. Elephants are highly aware and convey emotions such as sadness, joy and anger. They cherish the relationships they have and use their trunks to console, caress, and soothe one another. Read more about Elephant Spirit[…]

Koala Spirit

~Koala leads a very purposeful life. He can be found clinging to the trees from which his beloved eucalyptus grows, and as he climbs he does so with deliberation and intention. Koala is very intuitive to his needs, After eating he must rest in order to properly digest his food, sleeping upwards of 19 hours Read more about Koala Spirit[…]