January 29, 2017


‘Spirit of Peacock’ video demonstration

The video below is a slowed down time-lapse of me working on my painting, ‘Peacock Spirit’. It demonstrates how to achieve the look of peacock feathers by using alcohol inks in addition to acrylic and india inks on Yupo paper.

The colors I used were:
From the Bombay India ink brand:
Grass Green
Golden Yellow
Yellow Ochre

From the FW Acrylic ink brand:
Marine Blue

From the Liquitex Ink brand:
Carbon Black

From the Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink lline:
Sunshine Yellow

White acrylic paint
Jelly Roll pen in the color White


Can I use acrylic inks on watercolor paper?


I have been asked this question numerous times. One of the main reasons I switched from watercolors to acrylic and india inks was because I found the brilliance of colors within my paintings a bit lacking. I tend to be quite timid when working with watercolors; easy to understand since the end result of most watercolor paintings (at least in my experience) contain primarily muted washes of color.

Take a look at any of the works from my Spirit Animal series and you’ll find nothing but brilliant, electric color.

Is it possible then, to achieve the same levels of bold color when using inks on watercolor paper? I decided to put this question to the test. I videotaped my results and uploaded it to YouTube. If you find yourself questioning the differences of using inks on watercolor paper vs. yupo paper I invite you to watch my video and decide for yourself. If you are already using inks on watercolor paper, I’d love to read your thoughts on how they handle and why you prefer them.

I hope you enjoy this demonstration!