Pelican Spirit and Symbolism

Pelicans are large birds that give the impression of looking a bit ungraceful when walking on land, however we watch in awe as they fly in unison, effortlessly skim the surface of the ocean with ease. Pelicans have the ability to hold 3 gallons of water in their beaks while collecting fish; before taking off in flight they swallow the fish they’ve caught and let go of anything that weighs them down. Even though Pelicans are quite large they are exceptionally buoyant.
The Spirit of Pelican reminds us that there is nothing we can’t rise above no matter how much it might be weighing us down. Is there anything you can let go of so that you may feel lighter?
Be Like Pelican – purge those burdens and fly!


Pelican Spirit

The original painting has sold, however, select prints can be found by visiting Etsy.