Ellen Brenneman Studio

About the Artist

Ellen has been connected to the art world in some form or another nearly all her life. She studied fine art at Ball State University, graduating in 1993. Since then she has worked as a muralist and furniture painter. In 2012 she decided to focus on painting full-time and has produced four series of works that have been well received. Her artwork now resides in private collections across North America, Europe and Australia.

the work

There is a lot of symbolism within the work Ellen creates. Many of her pieces are heavily influenced by her Native American Ancestry. The things she values and appreciates most about the culture is that everything is sacred and holds a purpose in this life. Landscape, animals and environmental elements are held in the highest regard and these subjects appear in some form or another in nearly every piece she paints.

About the current series

Power Animals of the Planet
"It's about connecting to the spirit of the animal through the use of bold, luminous color."

Animals carry traits that are similar to our own. Some are fierce protectors, such as the Wolf. Others, like the Elephant, hold a deep regard for unity and family. What we most admire in animals are the very things we tend to connect to and appreciate in our own lives. While I attempt to retain the traditional shapes of the animals that I paint, this series is about connecting to their unique spirit with the use of bold, luminous color. Much can be learned from the animal kingdom when we begin seeing animals as our counterparts, not our subordinates. We are all connected.

Customer Appreciation

Ellen's recent spirit animal art

and accompanying animal symbolism